Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

This was my first crack at Sun…I normally try to avoid it it for the obvious reason that it tends to wash out my shots and I’m too lazy to remember what camera settings will mitigate that effect (OK, that’s two obvious reasons)…in the flesh, this looked awesome as the sun burned through cloud directly over the cone of Mount Ruapehu – which is an active volcano so at first glance it appeared that it was acting up again…

But then, while aimlessly driving through Picasa, I came across this…

While not directly including the sun in the picture, the two sand buckets evoke sun, sea and surf, and the shadows on the snow offer quite a sharp contrast in both the imagery and what you can assume the ambient temperature to be…this is just one of those shots that appears a good idea at the time but which I can no longer remember what that idea might have been…and it was only last winter – or maybe that should be ‘this’ winter as the intervening summer doesn’t appear to have happened…

Note: another reason for placing my ‘best’ picture last in sequence on the page is that, when sharing or publicising via Facebook, it is always the last image that is the thumbnail for the post. I think that’s dumb too but, hey, it’s Facebook…let’s not look to closely for signs for life or logic in the machine behind the Timeline…

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