Trans-Pacific Movie Reviews

I bouqueted Qantas a week or so ago for the way it handled my having the ONLY dysfunctional video terminal on my Trans-Pacific flight last month…the entertainment was somewhat better on the trip back, more so because I was able to use my new noise-cancelling headphone which, to that point, had been so much dead weight in my travels…

Even though I was on the midnight flight, I still got to watch three movies while tacitly avoiding what Qantas chooses to refer to in-flight meals (no bouquets here, folks)…

More rollicking good fun from the MI team, even though it is still led by Short Stuff (who in creation decided that he could ever be a Jack Reacher in the next franchise he is about to star in?). Great to see that the writing team have taken the hint and dropped the whole rubber face ‘get out of jail free card’ which was always about as plausible and convenient as the dodgy time-travelling and transporter buffer swindles in Star Trek…A lot of fun but I would point that few if any nuclear missiles are point-detonating so that team would have run out of time about ten seconds before they actually did…

Rather ho-hum really…watching this series one would think that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle only wrote about Holmes’ tribulations with Professor Moriaty…it is really not much more than a rehash of the same gimmicks and tricks from the first Downey/Law Holmes movie – wait for it til it appears in DVD bargain bins…if there is to be a third movie in this series, it will hopefully get back on track and rethink some of the really great Sherlock Holmes tales…

Jury’s still out on this one – it is very well made but I am not sure how true to the book it is….will have to dig it out for a reread as the ending was a little too smug for me…great to see a certain actor catch a bullet near the end…can’t say who without giving the game away but he’s always struck me as just a little too smooth…The movie certainly catches the almost industrial work environment of Cold War British intelligence services and the internal wrangling that persisted over decades…definitely worth a look….

2 thoughts on “Trans-Pacific Movie Reviews

  1. If you haven’t already, check out the BBC series Sherlock which is everything the movie franchise isn’t (but could have been) set in the 21st century.


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