Bookworm traits – all 46 of them!


I scored this idea from Children’s Books & More – perhaps a clue to the blogger is in the URL ‘passion 2 read’ – after they liked my Comfort post… Bookworm Traits I think that 46 traits is probably too much for one hit but here it goes…

1. People often find your nose in a book spending hours at the library or bookstore.

  • Not really – I actually hate people who read books in bookstores: if you’re that interested in it, then buy it! I don’t really go to libraries that much, more secondhand book shops than anything else. I may spend hours browsing if I don’t know what I’m after of if cash is a little tight… sometimes i won’t buy at all, others I’ll walk out with am armload.

2. is bookmarked and frequently used when you can’t get to the library or bookstore.

  • The shipping cost here from the US is a major killer for online book shopping now – yay! the day that the restricted digital rights for e-books gets sorted so that geographical location is no longer a major road block. I might research through Amazon but rarely buy now unless I am passing through the US due to the shipping cost.

3. Who cares about the next DVD release? When can I get the latest book release?

  • Don’t really follow either…I think the last time I really waited for a new book release was for the final chapter of John Birmingham’s Axis of Time trilogy; before that it was probably Mark Berent’s Court Bannister series on the air war over Vietnam; before that it was years of fruitless waiting for Jerry Pournelle to conclude Janissaries and David Gerrold to polish off War Against the Chtorr…still waiting, guys…Not that fussed about new release DVDs either as the release price is way more than they will be going for in a month’s time…

4. Books are on your Christmas or birthday list.

  • Kinda but probably no more than anything else.

5. You’d rather read a book than watch television.

  • Often true but this may be just as much a comment on modern television that anything else – used to do both before that necessitated twp pairs and glasses and didn’t uber-challenge my ability to multi-task.

6. You argue that the books are always better than any movie based off a book.

  • Not sure but probably not – this is not the same as arguing that the book is always better than the book of the movie…and even then I think each has to be considered on its merits. I’m not sure that a problem really exists except for those who might believe that movie must = book .

7. You get a thrill when you open the book for the first time and feel its pages with the promise of a next favorite.

  • 100% author-dependent – some authors can grip you in the first pages; others can take a while. for me, few books are likely to be considered for ‘fav’ status until I have read them through at least once…

8. You smile when you see children reading rather than playing video games or watching television.

  • Yep.

9. You cringe when you see watermarks, torn pages, and vandalism to books.

  • Yep.

10. It’s normal to leave the house with some reading material.

  • Yep

11. It’s not a vacation unless you have a supply of books. (If not, you can always visit the town’s bookstore.)

  • Pretty much – hooray for Nook which allows me to take so much in such a small package…

12.You listen to more audio books than the car radio.

  • True but again that could be just as much a comment on local and national radio…reminds me that i must get some more headphones so that I can re-acquire the Audible book habit before extended exposure to Radio Live turns me into one of those that call in…

13. You dish out recommendations and welcome any in return.

  • Luke-warm – happy going my own way and letting others do the same – having said that, was disappointed that Facebook didn’t migrate WeRead over to the secure site…

14. You constantly add books to your to-read list.

  • Kinda – refer back to walking out of the secondhand book shop with an armload of acquisitions; just as likely to have a longer re-read list.

15. You stay up past midnight to finish a great book.

  • Regularly – driven by my habit of making myself read just a little before I kill the light each night – started to do this when I wasn’t reading regularly to re-introduce that habit. Have to discipline myself to not burn the candle too long so as not to have a grumpy morning.

16. After you finished the great book, you wish you slowed down to savor it.

  • Nope – just re-read it…

17. You imagine meeting your favorite book characters.

  • Still enough in touch with reality to avoid this…

18. You’d like to jump into your favorite book to fully experience it.

  • See above

19. You don’t have enough shelves to hold all your books.

  • Used to not but now we have enough shelves (for now) for all books – feel sorry for people who don’t have their own libraries…it’s still a little messy as the post new shelves tidy up has yet to occur…

20. You analyze and discuss books with fellow bookworms.

  • See 13.

21. You look forward to school and library book sales.

  • Targets of opportunity but not crying myself to sleep if I miss ’em.

22. You ‘browse’ books in a bookstore and come back each week.

  • Absolutely – stpre books need lovin’ too…

23. You read The New York Times’ Bestseller List for new books to read.

  • Not ever or any other such…

24. You have a bookstore membership for book rewards.

  • Yes with Borders…oh, uh-oh….

25. Rainy days are good reading weather days.

  • Yes but also good ironing days and other hobby days – pretty good for catching up on movies too.

26. You enjoy any reading, even what some consider ‘junk mail’.

  • Nope.

27. You feel lost without a book to read.

  • Nope, can always find something to do. Having said that though, Vulcan’s Glory was the only English book I had when I was in Vietnam and I lost track of the number of times I reread it because other things to do started to run out.

28. You love hearing stories read to you.

  • Only by virtue of Audible books and the difficulties of traditional reading while driving.

29. A long flight, car ride, or train journey is the perfect time to read a book.

  • Yep.

30. You keep a journal of the books you’ve read and plan to read. (record books on goodreads)

  • Nope, but as at #13, I do miss WeRead on FB – will check out goodreads as I like to review sometimes…

31. You remember quotes and passages from your favorite books.

  • Yep.

32. You compare individuals to characters in your book.

  • Nope.

33. You have an endless supply of bookmarks and battery replacements for book lights.

  • Nope – I am one of those bad people who bends over the corner of a page as a book mark – Nooking may cure me of this.

34. You’re not afraid to laugh or cry while reading.

  • Laugh sometimes, cry TBC when something sad enough comes along…

35. You read the book that made you laugh or cry again.

  • If I enjoyed it, most likely I did – unless I was laughing AT it…

36. You spread the word to everyone to read a book.

  • Nope – each to their own.

37. You take literary trips that connect to your book. (Blog post about a children’s literature tour in New York, abroad a train for Agatha Christie’s Orient Express, visit Forks, Washington, for Twilight, explore Concord, Massachusetts,  for Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, or even visit Hogwarts at Universal Studios)

  • Not specifically but it is always interesting to visit some place that one only knows from a book.

38. You cook dishes similar to foods in books. (Blog that relates books and food)

  • Nope, my main catalyst for new recipes if stuff I stumble across online

39. You try skills and hobbies as characters in books.

  • Huh?

40. You’re sadden when bookstores and libraries close.

  • Yes!!!! Hopefully B&N will fill the physical gaps left by Borders.

41. You have difficulties picking just one favorite book.

  • Does that make me a bad person?

42. You know that reading will never die, even with more e-readers and technology.

  • E-reading is still reading – I imagine the same question when pupled wood started to compete with papyrus and onion skins…

43. You feel bad for those who don’t enjoy a good book.

  • See 36, each to their own…

44. You wish you could talk to the author after finishing a book.

  • Sometimes but probably to suggest some improvements…

45. You attend book signings and author discussions.

  • No, but lack of opportunity is probably as big a reason than anything else.

46. You know that reading is your ticket to anywhere your heart desires.

  • No….I think that this is faux-positivism…your ticket towards anywhere your heart desires, is getting your nose out of the book and making it happen…JFK might always have been a sickly boy dreaming of Camelot…
I’m not normally a big fan of over-sciencing anything – I love to read and that’s good for me – I prefer it over some other things and that’s up to me but I think that you really do have to make sure you keep one foot firmly in reality land and be aware that because it’s written doesn’t make it any truer or any more real than reality…
Still was a good spur to take some pics of the library and play around with panorama shots – might be time for a new camera though because this one will only link three shots into a panorama and I need 5-6 to get all three side of the library…joining two panoramas didn’t come out that flash so I’ve bannered with the same shot section twice

4 thoughts on “Bookworm traits – all 46 of them!

  1. I’ve never had someone use my post in such a way. Well, I stated from the beginning that you don’t have to have each ‘trait’. I was just brainstorming different book ideas that may relate to people. I was on a roll and I had to stop somewhere. I suppose if my post inspired you to respond then it was a success.


    • Hi Caroline…sorry wasn’t meaning to come across as criticizing your post – I was more intending to show how those traits more or less apply to my reading style or lack thereof. Even though you may have originally written from your own perspective, I thought it was an interesting idea to grab for a bit of self-analysis…as many such lists might turn out to be…


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