Pacific Dreams

Just perusing Facebook during one of my breaks and noticed that the New Zealand short film, Pacific Dreams, is an early announcement for the Show Me Shorts Film Festival here in November. Although I support most NZ film initiatives, Pacific Dreams is of particular interest because it is the brainchild of an old friend, Dave Strong and his company, Morepork Films. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as seeing someone leave the service and actually do what they set out to do and quite successfully too.

PACIFIC DREAMS was also accepted to compete in the Mobile SIFF Competition at the prestigious 2011 Shanghai International Film Festival in June, and screened at the recent 2011 New York City International Film Festival.

PACIFIC DREAMS was a recent winner at the 2011 Rhode Island International Film Festival, with Dame Kate Harcourt taking home first prize for Best Female Actress for her role.

Even though my part in the Lord of the Rings trilogy was minor and administrative, I have a healthy respect for the time, effort, resources and skills it takes to bring even a  short film to the big screen and so have nothing but respect for Dave for having the courage of his convictions and staying the course with his dream. Hope this is but the start of an illustrious and developing career in film…

For those interested and geographically able, the 2011 dates and locations for Show Me Shorts that are confirmed so far are:

Capitol Cinema, Auckland – 3-13 November

Bridgeway Cinema, Auckland – 3-13 November

Waiheke Island Community Cinema, Auckland – 3-13 November

Matakana Cinemas, Matakana – 3-13 November

The Internationalist, Rothesay Bay – 3-13 November

Paramount, Wellington – 10-20 November

Hollywood, Sumner, Christchurch – 10-20 November

Rialto Cinema, Dunedin – 10-20 November

Bay City Cinemas, Tauranga – 17-27 November

Mayfair Cinema, Kaikoura – 17-27 November

The Regent, Taumarunui – 17-19 November

The Monkey House, Whitianga – 5-15 January (2012)

Rapt to see the screenings planned for Taumarunui but, curses!! I will be shivering in European snow that week…will have to keep any eye out for any other local-ish screenings – or make sure I pick up the compilation DVD when it comes out…previous years DVDs are available here

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