The Odyssey Part Two – Bonus Pack

Boeing B-47 (click for slideshow)

I was just driving off-base in search of food when I spotted a sign off to the left “USAF Armament Museum, Open Mon-Sat 0930-1630, Free Admission”…food had to wait another few hours while I a. enjoyed the heat and the sun around the outdoor displays and b. enjoyed the moderate aircon around the indoor displays.

This museum, just outside Eglin AFB, has a fine collection of aircraft including First Lady, the first C-130 off the line in 1953 and only retired in 1995, in an outdoor display; and and indoor display with a F-105D, Mustang, and F-80 surrounding by a range of drones, rockets, bombs and missiles…It acknowledges both  Eglin’s Air Special Operations and its Test heritage with a number of interesting displays…certainly one way to kill a few hours in the sun…


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