Memorial Day Remembrance

and I am thinking how to say

“and” and whether “and”

is the word for the way, beyond

the swamp, the ghosts of pines

and skeletal cypresses march for

miles in haze.

– Rosanna Warren

To Doc who got it in the neck and bled out.

And to B.

And the triple-stack that left his leg on me.

And Gunny, without his throat, gurgling on the tarmac to rush that pos.

And Rob, my fellow boot, in Samarrah and nothing left, not really.

Except Samarrah.


I hear you still screaming from the far country, calling your roll.

And the rest of us will be there real soon.

I promise we’ll cover down.

And align.

It’s Memorial Weekend here this weekend, and all over the country, people are remembering in their own ways, those who have fallen…I wasn’t going to post anything on the subject but the words above were posted on Carl Prine’s Line of Depature and the link pushed out on the Doctrine Man! Facebook page…they cut to the bone regardless of nationality….

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