Heigh-ho, Silver…and away…!

Just in case no-one noticed, the Lone Ranger is a myth, a legend, something not real and if he had existed, someone would more than likely have put some .44 calibre lead in his back one night…the moral of the story is that if you believe your own press and keep interfering in other folks business, you are only buying into grief, and lots of it. Yes, folks, that right and just as right or even righter, even if you are (or think you are) sitting up on the moral high ground…and the bigger you are, the more this applies… This might be because the bigger you are, the more powerful you think you are and with that comes the perception of license…

Well, here’s a fact…no one has a license to boldly interfere in the internal workings of another nation – a resolution from the defunct and impotent UN is no more a license than a letter from Osama Bin Laden authorising the world to go to war against the West…As much as we might not like the current leader of Libya, there is no evidence that the socalled Libyan rebels have anything to offer that will make Libya one iota a better place to live or to deal with than it is today. Just like Saddam Hussein, just because we don’t like someone and even if they are real bad bastards, this does not mean that they do not actually offer benefits in international affairs, especially in maintaining regional stability.

In intervening interfering in Libya, the West is acting like the world policeman that it is not; in interfering in Libya but not in Syria where protestors are being subject to 7.62mm ball riot control, the west shows itself to be not much more than the same bully it accuses Ghaddafi of being. More so, in wibbling (yes, it is a word – see Blackadder’s Guide to Trench Cooking and Tactical Lexicon) until the US agreed to support the interference, the European nations showed themselves to be impotent and cowardly – Libya is not such a conventional threat that France or the UK (on the days that its remaining jet is flying) could not easily cope with. The Libyan forces are even less a threat to Western forces when the object of the interference is enforcement of a no fly zone and not actual ground lodgement and intervention – of course, having seen all the footage of destroyed Libyan armour, one wonders just exactly what technologies the Libyans employ to get them into the air…maybe we should be a little worried…?

Our moral justification for interfering Libya was further undermined when the Arab nations that so vocally supported it (one wonders why all THEIR high tech toys were as incapable of dealing with a regional issue as those of the European nations) turned on NATO in much the same way that Tonto rediscovered his roots…

“Those Indians look pretty dangerous, Tonto, we could be in trouble” “What mean ‘we’, white man?”

We can’t remember what we’re doing in Afghanistan any more – the making the world safe for democracy line is pretty worn these days – and we have no good reason for being in Libya…the air power option is nice and clean and simple: it reinforces the myths of DESERT STORM that air power cleans up messes with minimal cost or loss…how soon we forget the lessons of Iraq…shock and awe versus blood and treasure or is it shock and awe = blood and treasure…??

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