Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

…is the theme for WordPress’ photo of the week challenge…I’m on the road this week and so don’t have access to my photo files at home…so will have to make do with a shot of DC by night from my hotel room…

I like DC…there are some cities I just can’t wait to get out of…I was starting to feel that way about Auckland before I flew out on Friday afternoon…just too much too slow traffic for this country boy…I’ve had a good wander around today and not too much has changed since my last visit and I braved the Metro today to get a round a bit more – think I have that pretty sussed now…

I was dreading the flight up as I opted to do Auckland-DC in one hit but it was actually quite pleasant – a lot of work has gone into slicking up the LAX arrival processes and these were actually pretty slick this time. My only adverse comment on the journey up is that if Qantas can’t get the onboard video playback system to work, then I can see why they might be having problems with their engines…

But while it was working I got to see (couldn’t sleep the whole leg to LAX):

tron legacy

I thought this was a bit slow but the special effects were definitely a legacy from the original. Due to the problems with the QANTAS playback system, I couldn’t figure out the relationship between Tron and Flynn, and certainly couldn’t recall from the only time I saw Tron in the 80s…hopefully they will both be released as a double pack in the near future. The ending, I thought, was a bit weak and rather predictable – a second viewing on a screen bigger than 7″ and with better sound might change that opinion.

true grit 2010

I stated in Fill your hand, you sunnovabitch!!! that I wasn’t sure that there was much new to look forward to in this year’s remake of True Grit with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon (still a step up from Glen Campbell!). Even on the small screen, I was pleasantly surprised by the new version. I don’t think it is better than the original but it certainly complements it and I am going to buy the book to see which version most closely adheres to the actual story. The main difference between the two is that the ‘Le Beef’ character is not as well developed in the new version as it was in John Wayne’s original big screen telling – this underdevelopment is to such an extent that you wonder why they bothered with the character at all – apart from his being part of the original book.

RED 2010

A bunch of old hands running around having a ball and making a movie at the same time – a very entertaining and light-hearted way to kill off a couple of hours and highly recommended. Great to see Helen Mirren in a comedy role….

dawn treader

Even though I still think that Dawn Treader is a stupid name for a boat, this is a fine addition to the Narnia series and it certainly recovers the franchise from the damage done by the rather dreary Prince Caspian.

Assuming that QANTAS gets its movie system sorted in the next week or so, there are still a good bunch of movies in its April line up to keep me occupied on the long haul home…

No pictures as I couldn’t have maintained my death grip on the side rail and juggled a camera but I went ice-skating last night with the guys I’m meeting with next week. It’s a regular Friday night activity for them and the fact that I had just arrived after a solid 24 hours of travel was not considered any excuse for non-participation. I hadn’t skated since 1982 at the rink that was (still is?) out Kaikorai Valley Road in Dunedin and that was just a single night out…still by the time the hour was up. I was only touching the side rail a couple of times each circuit…I’m still here next Friday so may have another chance to risk life and limb before I fly out…

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