Michael Yawn predicts…

(c) CJ O'Neill 9/2009

…that the sun will come up in the morning…where would we be without him…?

Yon is crowing on his Facebook page that…

This fight was expensive for me in many ways, but I got him.

Getting this man fired was worth the fight and the costs.

This will save American, Canadian, and Afghan lives.

…in regard to the news a couple of hours ago that BGEN Daniel Menard…

…has been relieved of duty and ordered home immediately, accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female soldier…the news came only days after Menard faced a court martial in Canada, where he pled guilty to accidentally firing his weapon at the Kandahar airbase in March. The incident occurred as Menard walked with Canada’s chief of the defence staff, General Walter Natynczyk, on his way to a helicopter.

Unusually, the Canadian National Defence spokesperson omitted to credit Yon with BGEN Menard’s removal and this may be an indication that the Canadians think that they can police themselves without Yon’s guidance or assistance. Unfortunately for BGEN Menard, he was not found (nor even charged with incompetence in an operational theatre) so it is likely that Yon will continue his vindictive vendatta. Yon has yet to substantiate his allegations of incompetence against any of the senior commanders he accused following the bombing at the Tarnak bridge just outside Kandahar airfield but continues to play (one assumes that it is an act) dumb regarding the reasons for his disembedment from US forces in Afghanistan…those silly old generals, they should like being publicly accused of incompetence and conspiracy…after all, Michael Yon thrives on such comments – oh, no, that’s only when he is dishing them out…

Personally I think Menard should have been like most of his troops and kept it in his trousers but that’s no call for the likes of Yon to conduct a personal vendetta against him or anyone else – you notice that Menard’s partner in crime is being targeted by Yon? Maybe this is just (yet) another instance of the 19 year old private masquerading as a 45 year old adult playing petty score settling games – possibly due to some perceived wrong during his four whole years in the US Army in the mid-80s…

And now, having de-Yon-ed myself it’s back to real work…I’m just about done on my review of Benoit Mandelbrot’s The (mis)Behaviour of Markets and should be posting it early next week…

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