Return of the King

reggie perrin new

No…not some soppy sagawith hobbits, dwarves and elves…the king of the cutting comment, wielder of the blunt blade of too-honest comment, hero of 70s counter-culture, Reggie Perrin is back on TV One. When first screened in about 1976, it was just after my bedtime so I was never quite current on it and had to experience it vicariously through those of my friends with more enlightened parents…

reggie perrin oldWhat a pleasant surprise to find it screening tonight immediately after Doc Martin – well worthy of some really good laughs although you really can help feeling sorry for – and perhaps identifying a bit with – poor old Reggie. A word of warning though, it doesn’t appear that a second season has been picked up yet so a whole new generation may miss out on Grot!

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