gyrate eagle

Auto Gyro MT-03 Eagle

We got home from down South – without a container load of loot this time!! – on the 28th and shot over to Taupo a couple of days later for an RV at McDs to pick up the twins from the other grandies…I missed it when we came in to town – when we could have stopped for a look – but parked on the water front of our way out was the purtiest  little autogyro (see above). the girls’ McD fix was staring to wear off so we were definitely homeward bound before they did the two year old Hulk thing in the car. At the time I remember thinking that this owuld be a great little tool for a bunch of imagery and surveillance roles, especially where UAS like Hawkeye might not be able to operate and/or possible where you might be wanting a pair of Mk.1 eyeballs in the air as well…

We visited Mustard Seed in Turangi for lunch a few days later when we returned the twins to Mum and Dad – Mustard Seed (just opposite the BP in Turangi) is a great spot for sitting out under the trees with a a good magazine, fine coffee and a plate of snacks – and found an ad for Gyrate in the new 2010 Tourism magazine covering Bay of Plenty and the Mountain region – checked out the site this morning, as the first day back at ‘work’ and was really impressed with its combination of fun stuff and cool toys – if you’re into Kiwi aviation, microflying and/or just cool stuff, it’s well worth a look…when things slow down a bit here, I’d love to get them over for a spin around our bit of scenic beauty here – maybe even think about setting something up for the area…the closest fixed-wing runway is over by the Chateau but I’m sure that there would be a suitable piece of land closer to National Park for gyro ops…hmmm, things to think about…

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