Muzzling the Unmuzzlable

Yes, unmuzzlable is really a word, I say so…

Neptunus Lex is making a stand today and so are a number of other Blogs, including this one…you read all about it over at Lexville but the issue is simply one of management of modern information technologies and, what is now considered contemporary, information and communication cultures.

Yes, there is massive risk that soldiers, sailors, airpeople and Marines (of all ranks) could do serious damage to current operations and capabilities through misuse of social media and there will always be a few out of frustration, malice or simple ignorance who will. But implementing another kazillion rules and regulations ISN’T going to help, mitigate or fix this in any way. That is a fact. Short of confining everyone on-base forever and severing all communications links, it’s just not possible and I would suggest that such measures, outside of an operational facility, would do even greater damage to recruiting and retention.

A zero defects i.e. no crap on my watch, approach has never worked and only ever serves to conceal the things that are really broken. When that happens we discover those breaks the old-fashioned way when we cross the start line (not the best time!). Leaders and commanders at all levels should not just accept but actively seek out those things that are not working, even those that are perceived as not working (which could just be issues of perceptional, training or education), and do something about them…it’s leadership and command 101…

In my comments on Lex’s post, I listed four steps that would mitigate the dilemma caused by social media to operations and capabilities. Tomorrow I might list them here but in the mean time, get ye off to Neptunus Lex and read what he has to say…

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