New modelling technology

For paper models anyway…also pretty handy if you like with work with hard copy proofs and not these digital on-screen thingies…

It’s called a CISS…Continuous Ink Supply System…to replace the piddling little cartridges that go in the printer…great for when you are doing that big print job and don’t want it interrupted by ‘Ink cartridge(s) empty’…it cost us NZ$55 for a set of standard cartridges that are considerably smaller than the CISS tanks; the CISS was NZ$75 delivered and is refillable which is both greener and practical.

I keep the tanks behind the printer, out of the way of small hands and paws, and the feeder tubes from the tanks to the dummy cartridges run through the channel used for the USB cable. I only installed it last night and printed out a couple of pages – to my aging eyes, the print and colour quality is as good as it was before so I’m happy – I’m less happy about the fact that this printer persists in printing greys as greens.

Where do you get a CISS? Melco Technologies

I am still working my way through Accidental Guerrilla (I kept typing Accidental Tourist for some deep subliminal reason) and hope to have some coherent comment tonight after Coro

How do you build a credible and effective government and security forces in 18 months?

Good question…

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