Is this for real?

Stuff was my IE homepage for years but got too slow to load up over a dial-up connection so I don’t go there so often now. I wandered there this morning in search of some bit of trivia and couldn’t believe this story. Who cares if a primary teacher poses nude in a magazine?  Three points:

  1. Half the students in her class would be thinking about her anyway…
  2. It’s not like she was stripping in a local bar…
  3. If it’s good enough for Marge Simpson

That’s all for today. It has been a beautiful blue skies mountain day and I have busy working outside since breakfast:

  • the lawns are now all mown, including the Chalet, and I am eternally grateful to the guy who invented the ride-on mower: these are not small lawns.
  • all the bush and trees we cleared for the mancave are now either firewood or mulch – if you’re going to buy a mulcher, buy a grunty one.
  • I helped Carmen tidy the garage…and we will see how long that lasts…

Not sure what’s for dinner but it sure smells good…

Back to work tomorrow…

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