What’s on at the movies at 38,000 feet?

I did promise some people I would do this so here it is today – I do have some more TFW ideas to punt up but left one of the source docs behind this morning so will aim to do that tomorrow (social schedule allowing!!)…

Singapore Airlines do everything with class and style and their entertainment capability is no different…in two legs I was able to catch up on six movies that have yet to screen in National Park (yeah, really…) as well as have dinner and have a damn fine snooze as well…

star rek 2009

First up from the selection of 60-70 movies was Star Trek which I enjoyed immensely but was somewhat annoyed at the seemingly pointless and unnecessary departures from established Star Trek canon (no pointy ears here but I do like consistency in a universe). I hope that a further release in this series will somehow re-establish the accepted timeline (noting that James Tiberius and Spock didn’t actually experience distortions in the space-time continuum til The Original Series. If William Shatner (writing almost autobiographically) can skillfully blend TOS, TNG and the movies (even the real bad ones from later in the series) together in a consistent manner, I saw no reason why this film could not also conform without deviating much at all from the actual story line. It was like it was trying to shock the audience and I for one wasn’t shocked just pissed off…

angels abnds demonsAngels and Demons on the other hand was great: not great drama or earth-shattering story but just a good story well-told with no aspirations to be anything else. It is not time-tied to The Da Vinci Code so it doesn’t matter which one you watch first – some nice twisty bits near the end just in case you think you’ve worked it all out ahead of time…

night museum 2Night at the Museum II: The Smithsonian – more of the same, light entertainment only…

terminator slavationTerminator Salvation – the storyline is finally back of track after the crap Terminator 3 albeit with yet another John Connor – good connections back to the first two movies but nothing really earth-breaking in terms of the story – at the end it felt like a long TV episode than the revelatory feel of 1 and 2

xmen wolverineX-Men Wolverine…great stuff, even as a prequel, it isn’t cute and doesn’t dick around with the accepted storyline…

battle for terraThe Battle for Terra – a real disappointment that I only watched because it distracted me from the potential effects of a dodgy curry at Changi just before we boarded – an animated movie will a weak story line clearly churned out now in order to be on DVD as a stocking stuffer by Christmas – don’t buy it, get another copy of  Toy Story or Monsters Inc instead – the kids will love you more for it…

Beautiful summer’s day in Shrivenham and the CLAW is in full swing now….





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