Tuscan Stuffed Chicken


Dinner tonight…chicken breast stuffed with black pudding, served with fancy cabbage and mashed potato…details @ Healthy Food Guide…very yummilicious although both the cabbage and chicken are quite spicy/Herby where the mashed potato is uber-vanilla and too bland for the chicken or the cabbage: I think for next time, the potato would be better mixed with maybe kumara or parsnip to add some flavour and, while the cabbage was excellent, I noticed this afternoon that the silver beet has exploded in the box garden and I may experiment with it as a potential cabbage substitute…

Edit: forgot to mention above to peel the skin off the black pudding before stuffing the chicken. This makes it more crumbly and easier to stuff…

10 thoughts on “Tuscan Stuffed Chicken

    • We usually buy it from a deli in a full sausage, not the shrink-wrap packs that luncheon roll comes in. Halfway between here and Auckland is a small town called Huntly that has a wild game shop that makes its own black pudding and I hope to stop there when I come back through in a couple of weeks…this is what the deli black pudding sausage looks like

      Apologies for the image quality – snapped this with my tablet but its camera does not do so well in anything but natural daylight even though our kitchen has strong white lights…


      • What is in side of black pudding? I live in New Mexico, USA. The people who settled in New Mexico were the Spanish and there is also a large Native population – NO black pudding sausage. I wonder if there is a substitute…? We have a lot of game here – elk, buffalo, etc. – thanks for taking the time to post the photo. I love to learn about new foods! You live in such a beautiful and interesting country!!!


      • OK, you have to promise not to go ‘bleccch’ at what black pudding is…the flavour is more rich than spicy and I found a recipe for traditional black pudding here [ http://www.grouprecipes.com/45957/english-black-pudding.html%5D but remember no blecching…

        I did find a recipe for vegan black pudding which will do way with any bleccching [ http://www.food.com/recipe/black-pudding-vegan-212958%5D – I haven’t tried this yet but will be keen to hear how it goes if you do…I’m away for the next couple of weeks but will have a go at it when I get back. My only comment on this recipe is that black pudding is traditionally a sausage where this recipe is a slab – won’t matter though for the stuffed chicken recipe…

        Another thought is that if you can find a local(ish) Scottish community you might be able to substitute haggis for black pudding – although haggis may have a bit of a blecch factor too….


      • I read the recipe (and subsequently looked up suet! I had never heard of it) and was not at all grossed-out. I actually love livers and organ meats – and medium rare meat – so the recipe looked fine. Even the blood. I am a very adventurous eater. However, we don’t have the ingredients to make blood pudding in local stores. Haggis: There are no Scots around here other than me – my dad’s mom immigrated to Canada from Scotland in the 1920’s, so I am 25% Scottish. 🙂 I really want to make that chicken – and to taste blood pudding…. HMMM. Thanks for all of the the research. I gather that I need to take a trip out to the UK or a common wealth soon, haha!


      • While not wishing to undermine logic for overseas travel, you might get some here [http://www.gourmetfoodstore.com/caviar/caviar-details-6882.asp] or here [http://www.markys.com/caviar/customer/Boudin-Noir-Blood-Sausage-1-lb.html]…


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